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Facial Palsy Physiotherapy

Facial Palsy Physiotherapy

If your facial palsy is due to a lower motor neuron palsy (e.g Bell’s palsy, Ramsey Hunt syndrome, Lyme disease, trauma, tumour or congenital facial palsy) then facial rehabilitation can improve pain, symmetry, facial movement and function.

The process begins with an initial two-hour assessment which entails a bespoke and thorough assessment.  This gives the ability to set clear and specific patient goals for your rehabilitation.  Additional sessions are 90 minutes for whatever period is deemed necessary for your rehabilitation to work with you to maximise your recovery from facial palsy – no matter how long you have lived with the condition.

Physiotherapist Alison Hewitt

Alison Hewitt is an HCPC registered Advanced Practitioner physiotherapist who practices at Fitzwilliam Clinic and the South Eastern Trust.  She graduated from Ulster University with a Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in 2007 progressing to her specialism in Plastic Surgery physiotherapy and has worked in specialist hospitals in Belfast, Derby and Peterborough.  Alison is a member of FTSI (Facial Therapy Specialists International), ACPTMD (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Temporomandibular Disorders) and BAHT (British Association of Hand Therapists).

With a passion for facial palsy rehabilitation, Alison has been trained by internationally renowned facial therapists and has gained experience treating flaccid paralysis, hyperkinesis, synkinesis and facial reanimation patients since 2017.

 As part of a multi-disciplinary group, she has also been pivotal in working to establish the first specialist service for facial palsy patients in Northern Ireland.

Alison’s experience in such a specialised area of physiotherapy sets her apart.  Perhaps most beneficial to patients is her thorough, yet holistic approach.  Working with our respected plastic surgeons who themselves are experts in the treatment of facial palsy, Alison will ensure your physiotherapy plan integrates with other appropriate treatments such as Botox or facial reanimation surgery to get the best outcome for you.

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