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Facial Contouring and Sculpting

A variety of procedures, including isolated deep central neck sculpture, facial fat transfer and facial fat reduction.

Procedure time1-2 hours
Anaesthetic typeSedation or General
Day case or overnightDaycase
Downtime/recovery1-2 weeks

Facial Fat Transfer

Our consultant Mr Michael McBride FRCS (Plast) describes a facial fat transfer procedure.

Isolated Deep Central Neck Sculpture

The shape and contour of our jawline and neck is influenced by a number of factors :  The jawbone, fatty volume (both subcutaneous and deep), neck / floor mouth muscles and salivary glands (submandibular and parotid tail).  Our neck shape can be determined by our familial inheritance and / or extrinsic lifestyle / aging / body shape changes.  This may present as neck fullness, a double chin, ill or loss of definition of the neck shape / angle, with soft or hard muscle (platysma) bands.  Via an isolated incision under the chin this each of these components contributing to volume disproportion can be accurately managed / contoured / reduced to achieve a suitably contoured and proportionate neck reflective of your facial shape and contours.

Facial Fat Transfer

Fat is taken from one area of the body and transplanted to another, subsequently growing a blood supply to survive.  The fat is harvested, washed, and filtered using innovative equipment – facilitating transplantation as micro and nano droplets.  Surgical refinements have improved fat graft predictability, reliability, and longevity of result.  These grafts carry both structural / volume benefits and regenerative rejuvenating abilities.  Fat can be then sited to several facial sites tailored and individualised to your specific needs, these include – temples, brows, eyes / orbits, cheeks, nasolabial folds, melo labial folds, lips, chin, and jawline.

Facial Fat Reduction

Facial fat can commonly accumulate in certain sites, notably the lower 1/3 face / neck – jowls, jawline, and midline neck under your chin.  Micro liposuction is a surgical technique developed to reduce their prominence.  Micro liposuction is generally undertaken manually – allowing controlled, exact, and softer less traumatic suction pressures.   Fullness of the cheek and jowls can also be due to buccal fat pad hypertrophy or herniation / ptosis / sagging.   This fat pad sits deep to the smile muscles and open surgical removal can help to refine and balance the contour of the cheek and jowl.

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