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A brow / temple and / or eyelid lift are a combination of surgical procedures that can aim to ‘open’ the eye area and relieve ‘heaviness’. 

Procedure time1-3 hours
Anaesthetic typeSedation
Day case or overnightDaycase
Downtime/recovery1-2 weeks


Our consultant Mr Michael McBride FRCS (Plast) describes the browlift procedures available at Fitzwilliam Clinic.

Ageing of the upper half of the face includes changes in the forehead, eyebrow, eyelids, cheek and midface area:

  • Irregularities in skin colour / pigment / sun damage and sagging, loose skin, skin creases / wrinkles (rhytids).  Rhytids can be fine, deep, and present at rest (static) or with face movement (dynamic) – forehead creases, vertical creases between the eyebrows and creases at outer eye margin.
  • Brow descent (ptosis) – with reduction in distance between the eyebrow and upper eyelashes (tired, saddened look), lateral hooding (no show of normal skin fold on upper  eyelid) and loss of the gentle lateral shape of the brow arch.
  • Eyelid – Excess skin (dermatochalasis and /or festoons) – Both this and the former can  cause a hooded appearance – impairing the visual field and unable to apply eyelid makeup. Eyelid laxity due to structural attenuation causing the white part of the eye to become visible (scleral show), this may cause eyelid eversion / inversion.  Eyelid septal attenuation with fat herniation (Eye bags) – protrusion of the  normal eye socket fat causing a bulge. The lacrimal gland can also descend in the outer upper eyelid causing a bulge.
  • Midface – Increased distance between lower eyelid – cheek junction. This is due to gravitational descent – causing deep lines between the eyelid and cheek (naso jugal groove, tear trough deformity) and deepening of the nasolabial fold.

A brow / temple and / or eyelid lift are a combination of surgical procedures that can aim to ‘open’ the eye area and relieve ‘heaviness’.  The principles include releasing, elevating and securing tissue laxity, management of both the subcutaneous facial and eye socket fat, tightening / reset or release of the soft tissue or eye socket fascia, eye muscle preservation and or suspension and accurate removal of any excess surplus skin.  The aim is to produce a natural, un-operated appearance which enhances facial contours and is durable.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Our consultant Miss Serena Martin FRCS (Plast) describes the upper eye procedure available at Fitzwilliam Clinic.

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