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Breast Surgery

Breast Lift – Mastopexy

Breast uplift surgery (mastopexy) is a procedure that firms and lifts the breasts to restore the former, fuller appearance of your bust line.

Procedure time2 hours
Anaesthetic typeGeneral
Day case or overnightDay case – No drains
Downtime/recovery2 weeks


Our consultant Mr Michael McBride FRCS (Plast) describes a mastopexy procedure.

During lifetime, your breasts are subjected to continuous modification in shape, volume, and structure.  These changes are multifactorial in origin – with important factors including heredity / genetics, age, body weight variation / fluctuations, breast feeding, pregnancy, gravity, and hormone influences.  As the breast size / gland increase in size – the skin envelope, supporting ligaments and ductal structures also stretch but importantly these structures do not retract as the volume decreases.  This leaves the changing breast tissue with attenuated / weakened support structures leading to gravitational changes and loss of the ‘youthful’ breast contour and firmness.  This can present as:

  • The breast assuming a lower position on the chest wall
  • Loss of both breast shape and volume
  • Breast droopiness / sagginess / pendulous (ptosis)
  • Breast becomes flatter, elongated, flaccid, empty, less perky (deflational volume loss), with upper breast / cleavage volume loss
  • The nipple may fall below the crease – in some cases point downwards
  • The areola (darker skin around the nipple) may also become enlarged
  • Stretch marks / striae
  • Breast asymmetry

A breast uplift is an operation to remove extra loose skin from the breasts, and to lift reshape and remodel the breast tissue and moving the nipples to the best position on the new breast.  This utilises the breast volume that you have, restoring a breast profile that is higher with proportionate shape and more symmetrical, although no breasts are symmetrical.  If you have deficient breast volume to restore this shape and profile, you may require volume augmentation – by means of either your own tissue (fat transfer) or a breast implant (augmentation-mastopexy).

Breast Lift

Our consultant Mr Nicholas Hodgins FRCS (Plast) describes the breast lift procedures available at Fitzwilliam Clinic.

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