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Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is an operation whereby silicone is inserted into the natural breasts to make them bigger and usually to improve their shape.

Procedure time1-2 hours
Anaesthetic typeGeneral
Day case or overnightDay case
Downtime/recovery1 weeks

Breast Augmentation

Our consultant Mr Nicholas Hodgins FRCS (Plast) describes the process of breast augmentation.

Women presenting for breast augmentation usually fall into one of the three major categories:

  • Patients with small, underdeveloped breasts with no / mild breast ptosis (sagging).  This can include younger women (without family) whose breasts have simply failed to develop to a volume that is aesthetically pleasing or is in disproportion to the body weight / frame.  If they have had children, both pregnancy and breast feeding may have exacerbated this issue. 
  • Patients with involutional atrophy (age related, post pregnancy / breast feeding and post weight loss). Patients with involutional atrophy have not only lost breast volume / size but also have developed glandular ptosis (sagging).  They may be candidates for either augmentation alone or in combination with a breast uplift (augmentation mastopexy) – either performed in a single or two stage operation.
  • Patients with asymmetry and small underdeveloped breasts.  No breasts are symmetrical, but sometimes asymmetries can be more pronounced – this may require variations of treatment including differential implant sizes, uplifts and or reductions.  Asymmetries can be more complex, affecting all dimensions of the breast (tuberous) – and thus requires a tailored treatment plan.

A breast augmentation is a procedure in which a synthetic implant is placed either beneath your breast tissue or a portion of your chest wall muscle.  Your surgeon will tailor your procedure, implant size and position bespoke to your individualised case.  It will make your breasts look larger, improve shape in proportion to your frame, and improve any breast existing asymmetries.

Breast Augmentation

Our consultant Miss Serena Martin FRCS (Plast) describes breast augmentation procedures available at Fitzwilliam Clinic.

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